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AD8372 Eval board <-> PC


I'd like to ask how to communicate with the AD8372 eval board.

The AD8372 eval board comes together with RFL USB adapter that converts parallel LPT port to USB (and vice versa). Unfortunately, my workplace does not support LPT so I can't work directly with AD8372 eval board. I would like to connect via USB. However, I am not able to install drivers for the adapter board under Windows XP (SP3).

Can anyone help me how to properly install drivers for the RFL USB board? Especially where can I get the proper drivers? I was not able to find the driver at the ADI webpages which makes me sad.

Any help is appreciated.


  • Hi Honza-

    I moved this question to the RF Components community.  Someone here should be able to assist you.



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  • Honza,

    There are no known issues with the AD8372 software. However, we have updated the software with new USB ID numbers. The older software you have may be in conflict with the ID numbers programed into the EEPROM on the USB adapter. Try extracting and running the attached software (drivers are included) and let me know what happens. There are instructions in the included readme file. FYI - I named the file .zipper to avoid firewall issues. If you rename it to .zip, you should be able to extract all of the GUI and driver files,


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