ADF7012 and OOK modulation

I have quite simple task - I neet to get running ADF7012 chip together with MSP430 MCU so that MSP430 is able transmit simple messages using OOK modulation. I already spent a couple of weeks, but still haven't managed to get the stuff going (nothing is beeping out on RF). Can someone explain what are the crucial things that I'm missing?

Info about project:

= MCU: MSP430FR5739 (in form of MSP-EXP430FR5739 dev kit)

- to MCU is connected following RF pins: CE, LE, DATA, CLK, TxDATA, VDD, GND

= RF: ADF7012 (in form of ADF7012DBxZ eval board)

- target frequency: 152,2125 MHz

- XTAL on ADF7012: 3,6864MHz

- R div = 1

- N div = 41

- Prescaler: 4/5

- PA level: 10dBm

- Lock detection: 5 cycles

I'm able to set registers and watch, what's happening on MUXOUT pin:

- in case of Regulator Ready - everything is OK

- in case of Digital Lock Detected - MUXOUT stays low

- in case of Analog Lock Detected (what it is anyway?) - MUXOUT shows some unregular spikes on oscilloscope

- in case of R-div/2 - i'm getting nice XTAL/2 on MUXOUT

Also - if I'm changing what I want to output on CLKOut - it's also working and I'm able to get out what's set in registers.

Also I have tried and also not tried to use TxDATA for sending OOK data without any success. And of course - datasheet has only a glimpse that this specific transmitter is able to work in OOK mode... Nothing about what I should connect where, what are the timings etc. like i.e. ADF7020 datasheet has...

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