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ADF4213EB1 Evaluation

Hi All,

I have an evaluation kit ADF4213EB1 and I am trying to have this kit working and do characterization on some of its parameters. Which includes but not limited to Reference Spurs, Integrated Spurs and its S parameter mainly the reflective parameter.

My problem with this kit is that its communication is through the parallel port of the desktop PC augmented by the fact that its GUI works only on Windows XP. Parallel ports are becoming obsolete and Windows XP are only supported until only 2016.

Now my questions are:

1. What protocol is implemented on the communication of the kit and the desktop PC? Is this a custom digital protocol?

2. I am on the stage of implementing the communication protocol using FPGA. Would someone be able to point out an HDL/VHDL code that I can use for the communication part?

3. I am planning to use LabVIEW FPGA. Is there a reference material that I can use for the communication part?

4. Any other workaround which does not involve using parallel port, FPGA? serial rs232 maybe?

My problem really is with the communication part from kit to desktop PC. There are no relevant material that I can use.

I hope I am able to get a response from the technical team of Analog devices or from anyone who has years of experience using the frequency synthesizer mentioned.



USC-TC Researcher

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