ADRF6516 input common mode voltage

ADRF6516 parts are suggested as amplifiers for ADL5382/87 demodulators, however, the output common mode voltage of the ADL parts is 2.2V and the input common range of the ADRF part is 1.1 to 1.8V.

I need bandwidth to DC, so I can't use transformers, and an intermediate unity gain differential buffer amplifier to provide the translation would be noisy.

I've looked at the ADRF6510 filter amplifier, which could accommodate the Vocm of the ADL part, but its output common mode is not within the range of (most) ADC inputs at 1.5V

Can you suggest a means to interface the ADL output to the ADRF6516 input please ? A resistor network could be used but would adversely affect the noise performance also.

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