Recommendation for interfacing an antenna with the AD8314 Eval board


I have a yagi antenna and I want to evaluate the radiation pattern by connecting the antenna to the AD8314 eval board and monitoring the signal strength on an oscilloscope.  The antenna characteristics are:

Frequency Range: 2400-2500 GHz

Gain: 7.5+0.5dBi

VSWR: 1.8:1 max

Impedance: 50

Polarization: Linear vertical

HPBW/vertical: 60

Front to back ratio: 15dB

Connector: Re-SMA standard

I would like to know the simplest way to connect this antenna to the eval board and where to get the components.

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  • I think that you could try a simple connection since both devices (antenna and eval boar) have an SMA type connector. The AD8314 eval board is configured with a fairly good broadband 50 ohm match. If sensitivity is an issue (AD8314's input range is around 0 dBm to -40 dBm, you could put a broadband amplifier eval board (e.g. ADL5602-EVALZ) between the antenna and the detector. 

  • Hi Wilburn,

    Yes, your idea with the AD8314's evalboard should work well. Some comments:
    1. The input of the evalboard is 50Ohm but broadband. You should be sure that there are no other strong signals (from other directions and at close frequencies) are present at the antenna (and therefore at the detector input) which may induce an additional “undesired” voltage and distort the radiation pattern . The ideal case if you can measure the antenna in an antenna chamber. Or just check if there are any strong parasitic signals are present by measuring the radiation pattern if your TX signal is off.

    2. Please be sure that you are operating in the linear RFin, otherwise your radiation pattern might become deformed. E.g.  if F/B is about 15dB and you are interested rather in F/B, the input signal around -30/ -25dbm RFin  (@ max. antenna gain) seems to optimal with regard to the error (please refer to Fig.43  in  the datasheet).

    3. Just in case you want to measure a dipole or use a dipole as a detector antenna, please take a look at AD8313.

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  • I just purchased the amp eval board and will receive it in a couple of days.  Thank you two for the replies.  I will let everyone know if this works out.



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