Query about AD8309's Limiter Output

Hi, there

i have some queries about AD8309. i want to use it for logarithmic amplification with its limiter output.

when i read the datasheet, it shows the gain should be 72dB(six-stage total gain) + 18dB=90dB. my first questions are:

1, does it mean the gain is 90dB if used? it is quite big... my input is -40dBm~+10dBm. is it possible for logarithmic amplification with AD8309's limiter output function?

2, if so, what is the output power level?

i used to use AD83XX as log detector. now i need logarithmic amplification for my product. so i choose AD8309 due to its limiter function. but i am not sure whether it is proper... and need your help.

i am a rookie for such application and thanks in advance for your kindly help!

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