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RF Detector on Rx to detect energy within a narrow range of frequencies...


I have a customer that's interested in a low power RF detector for a new radio design and the AD8312 is of interest.

However, what he needs the part to accomplish is essentially put a radio based based system (could be cellular, could be Zigbee but not sure at
the moment) into a low power mode - and wake on RF energy detection - within a  narrow band of frequencies. He also plans on having really low power MCU on stand by to monitor the RF energy detector, possibly handling some power management and wake the main processor on detection of Rx energy. 

My understanding is that RF Detectors (RMS, Log and Envelope/Peak) in general monitor/control the output power of an RF circuit by developing a dc output voltage proportional to the power at that point.

It sounds like this customer needs it to work similar, but on the receive side detecting energy within a narrow spectrum of frequencies.

Would a detector support an application like this, or would there be another type of IC better suited for the task; the AD8312 seems to have a pretty wide applicable range of frequencies and sensitivity levels, so I wasn't sure if anyone had used it in this manner.

Thanks in advance for your help.