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The ADRF6704 Debug Advisory and get help

  1. Hello.

    I've ADRF6704 the evaluation board circuit  embedded in my project.

I installed this software ADRF6x0x_customer_6p1p0.

I use the EZ-USB-Interface software download ADRF6x0x_6p1p0.hex.

But I encountered a problem.

My system is WIN7.


Under “Computer Management \ Device
\ Universal Serial
Bus Controller|”

can not display the
hardware drivers,

but is CypressEZ-USB FX2LP-EEPROM missing.


But "ADRF6x0x eval
board connected" is displayed
inAnakig Devices ADRF6x0x Customer Evaluation Software v6.1.0-ADRF6704
TxMod 2500-2900MHz”
interface .

May I ask what is the reason?


Since I design careless,

The 68013A's pins for PA2 --- DATA,

I want to be able to get the firmware source codes

To modify the control program, this does not change the hardware circuit.

My project PDF file  is attached.

I would appreciate if help soon.

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