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how to interface the EVAL-ADF9010EBZ1 and  AD9861-50EBZ

hello, can anyone help me....

i want to interface the eval-adf9010ebz1(Analog Front End) and ad9861-50ebz (mixed signal Front end) board.

first, for transmitting part, i connect the port (modout) on the ad9861-50ebz board to the (tx) port on the eval-adf9010ebz1. Then the port (tx_out) of the eval-adf9010ebz1 to the antenna.

second, for receiving part, i connect the antenna to the port (Rx) of the eval-adf9010ebz1.

but i not sure how to connect the rx_out or rx_baseband of the eval-adf9010ebz1 board to the ad9861-50ebz board.

Refer to the eval-adf9010ebz1 datasheet, the rx_baseband are connected to the J7 port which are header 40-pin and datasheet ad9861-50ebz show the rx input signal is connected to SMA J6 or SMA J7.

can anyone help me to clear about this. my point is to interface the Analog Front End board with the Mixed signal front end board.

please help.

thanks for your time

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