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Can anyone tell me about the baseband input to the ADF9010   THANKS A LOT!

Does ADF9010 need TXBBIP TXBBIN TXBBQP TXBBQN input at the same time?

in the datasheets of the ADF9010 it says that the baseband input needs a differential drive of 1.4Vp-p with a 500mV dc bias. and it says that one of the transmit baseband characteristics is the common-mode output level is 0.6V .  does the 500mV dc bias and the 0.6V common-mode output level mean the same thing ? 

I use the DAC902 to generate a differential voltage of 1.4Vp-p with an 500mV common mode.inputting to the TXBBIP and TXBBIN . However I use the Realtime-Spectrum-Analyzer to see the output of the ADF9010 in the TXN and TXP (FIG 1) , and the result is not the same as the the TXBBIP and TXBBIN seeing from the RSA(FIG 2),I don't know why do this happen.



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