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Limited IF output interface for Logarithmic Amplifier AD8309


    We are using your Log detector: AD8309 in our present module and planning to use it in upcoming module for the LOG as well as Limited IF output usage. Now we need the output interface circuit of the AD8309 for Limited IF signal to convert the Differential signal to Single-ended 50ohm line.

Since the Minimum Load Resistance for Limited IF signal is not given in the datasheet, we are unable to go with the transformer as balun. Also the "Limiter Output Current" is mentioned in datasheet is 0 to 10mA, this 10mA signal may not drive the limited IF signal in 50Ohm load.

But you have mentioned in datasheet page No: 12 as "LMHI and LMLO (Pins 12 and 13), having a square wave form with rise and fall times of typically 0.4 ns, when load resistors of 50 Ωare used".

Can you send the output interface circuit for differential to 50-ohm single ended configuration?

What will be the maximum output voltage achieved by the above interface?

Thanks and Regards,