VB ver. 6 source code for software used in the the AD8369 Evaluation Board

I have been working with an idea that utilizes your AD8369. One of the components in this project is a PC, which adjusts the gain of the AD8369, as a response to the intensity of several other acoustic stimuli.

Your AD8369 Evaluation Board comes with a software program (written in VB) that allows the user to dial the gain of the AD8369. This is communicated to the Evaluation Board through the parallel port.

I know MS Visual Basic ver. 6, but I am not an expert. Having the source code that you used in the AD8369 Evaluation Board will be a great help. Will you please send me the VB ver. 6 source code? I will be more than glad to sign any release/restrictive-use documents that you want.

MS has switched most of its applications to VB .net. However, in that language, accessing the parallel port is much more difficult.

Thank you in advance.

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