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Queries about ADL5501 in GSM Application


    I ‘m now studying ADL5501 for my project and please kindly provide technical advice on below questions.

1, the input source is GSM signal. So do you expect burst output signal (instead of continuous DC voltage) at output of RF detector? Or put it another word, what is your expected DC output signal if input signal source is square pulse?

2, What is the correction factor that I need to add in for different mobile signals such as GSM, WCDMA and LTE as it’s not mentioned in ADL5501 product datasheet?

3, Could you please kindly help to explain below statement (which I extracted from page 15, datasheet AD8314) with an mathematical example?

"Table 6 shows the correction factors that should be applied to measure the rms signal strength of various signal types. A sine wave input is used as a reference. To measure the rms power of a square wave, for example, the mV equivalent of the dB value given in the table (20 mV/dB times 3.01 dB) should be subtracted from the output voltage of the AD8314.  "

Thanks in davance for your help!



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