ADL5385 top end wiggle room

My customer needs a modulator that operates in the 54MHz to 800MHz frequency range.  IQ bandwidth is 10-20MHz

sideband of 50 or greater.

I see the ADL5385 but that goes to 2.2GHz.  Didn't know if there is any wiggle room at the top end.

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  • It was designed and characterized upto 2.2GHz.  No data to show the performance above 2.2GHz and  so can't say a specific number for the top end frequency since we have not characterized fully.  There would be performance degradation including output power, OP1dB, sideband suppression and so on as we expected from the performance trends on plots in TPC section. However it works above 2.2GHz.  If a customer is looking for a modulator for above 2.2GHz operation. ADL5372/3/4/5 can be considered.