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HMC649 phase shift equation

Hi, Can you provide me with an equation for the HMC649 phase shift?  How does the code relate to zero phase,  as code goes up does it add or subtract phase.


  • Hi Rich,

    The HMC649/649LP6 is our 6-bit digital controlled phase shifter, integrated with 6 major phase shift states to provide 360deg of phase coverage with LSB of +5.625deg. The HMC649 will be in the reference state when all 6 bits are set to low, corresponding to the monotonic setting. Below is the control truth table for the HMC649. The same truth table also applies to our other 6-bit digital phase shifters of different frequency coverage; HMC642, HMC647, HMC648 and HMC936.

    Any combination of the major states will provide a phase shift approximately equal to the sum of the bits selected. e.g. Bit 1 - 6 = 000011 = 270deg phase shift from the reference.

    For your addition information, there will be some phase error for each phase shift state.

    Below are our phase error specifications stated in the HMC649LP6 datasheet:

    Below are our phase error specifications stated in the HMC649 (die version) datasheet:

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