HMC329LM3  eval board


I have a question regarding the use of the HMC329LM3 PCB/eval board.  Exactly how should it be used? Does it need to be mounted on something?   Can it only be used with GSG probes?  If not, what type of connectors are needed?  Is there are part number for the specific type of connector? This isn't immediately clear from the data sheet. 

Thanks for the help.


  • Hello Joe,

    The HMC329LM3 evaluation board was only designed to use probes. (suggested 400mm probes)

    We also have the HMC329LC3B that comes in a different package.  This part is coming on evaluation board with coaxial connectors.

    However, please keep in mind that these two parts have different packages so they will have different performance and different frequency range.

    Thank you,