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AD8317 operation at 10GHz & impedance matching


I am interested in using the AD8317 log amplifier at 10GHz.  The AD8317 is specified for operation up to 8GHz, but can be used up to 10GHz with a reduced dynamic range.

The datasheet (page 15) states that implementing an impedance match for frequencies beyond 8GHz can improve the sensitivity and measurement range.

The input impedance is only given up to 8GHz (page 4 of datasheet).  Can anyone provide me some advice on how to create matching network at 10GHz for AD8317?

Thanks for the help.

  • The input impedance of the detector at 10GHz (in the R//jX form) is about 225ohms//0.39pF. Keep in mind that, this number is only an estimation and the actual number may deviate. Probe limitations at higher frequencies make it challenging to accurately measure this parameter.

    The limited work we have done on our end to improve sensitivity at 10GHz by implementing an input matching network has only yielded marginal improvement. I would suggest looking at a detector with higher operating range such as the ADL6010 if you need additional detection range.