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HMC-C200 question

Hi Hittite,

I asked about the frequency modulation bandwidth of HMC-C200 previously but did not get the right answer. The application engineer thought I was asking about the "tuning range" by Vtune port. I mean the frequency modulation bandwidth of the Vtune port. The data sheet says it has 100kHz bandwidth.  it also says: "For higher modulation bandwidths, contact the factory."

What the maximum modulation bandwidth you can make? I need as high FM modulation bandwidth as possible. It looks like there is a low pass filter for the Vtune port from the data sheet. Can you remove the low pass filter? I know typically other types of DRO Vtune have FM mod bandwidth of 10- 20 MHz, or so.

  • The HMC-C200 was designed for PLL applications.  It was optimized for phase noise.  In the effort to optimize phase noise its bandwidth for electrical tuning or modulation was limited to approximately 100 KHz.  To be used as a modulator the unit would have to be redesigned.  The tradeoff would be degradation in phase noise for a wider modulation or tuning bandwidth.

    This would be a custom design requiring NRE and a minimum order.



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