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Need to cool for amplifier module package ?

HI, all

Our customer will evaluate Amplifier Module, HMC-C004 and HMC-C016.

This is the first time to consider the thermal design of Hittite's connectorized module packages, type C1/C3.

Will you provide recommended method to mount to the pcb for the thermal design ?

What is θja or θjc ?

In the Outline Drawing, it is "Bottom to be held at 85 ℃ max.".

Using at -55 to +85˚C Operating Temperature, we don't have to consider to cool the package ?

Or, we must need the mounting to cool , in order that the package bottom temperature keeps below 85 ℃ ?

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  • Both the HMC-C004 and the HMC-C016 need to be mounted to be cooled.  As stated in the outline drawing "Bottom to be held at 85 degrees C max.".

  • HI , Mikecs

    Thanks for reply.

    I still have questions.

    Either plastic package or module,

    When considering the heat dissipation design for the conduction and radiation,

    specification of maximum power consumption and heat resistance is required for PCB and chassis design.

    How to keep the temperature of the bottom to 85 ℃ or less?

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  • Your questions are dependent on your specific application, PCB material, thickness and area of metallization on the PCB, off board heat sinking, heat load presented by the device, and ambient air temperature.  I suggest you speak to a mechanical engineer.  Once the parameters are discussed he/she can guide your thermal design.

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