I'm performing a reliability analysis on the HMC244 for our application and require the following:

1.) On page 4 of the data sheet, marked 10 -119. The table for the  TTL/CMOS Control Voltages State Bias Condition Low 0 to +0.8 Vdc @ 5 uA Typ. High +2.0 to +5.0 Vdc @ 70 uA Typ. Do you have a maximum number for the current @ temperature?

2.) Do you have a maximum power dissipation spec for the device?

3.) Do you have Theta JC and Theta JA specs for the device?

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    I hope the information provided below will be helpful for your analysis.

    1) We only have typical voltage and current specs for digital inputs at room temperature. The majority of digital input current flows on the pull-down resistor (57kohm) which is a "mesa resistor" and typically spec'd with +-20% tolerance. Thus we can expect +-20% variation (over part and operating temperature) from typical specs for digital input current.

    2) Maximum supply current of part is 7mA with a supply voltage of 5Vdc+-10%.

    The maximum RF power that can be applied to insertion loss path is 27dBm given in AMR table.

    Since all the power applied to a termination path is dissipated on the path internally, the maximum RF power that can be applied to a termination path is some lower and can be calculated as below;

    As given in the AMR table, Theta JC of termination path is 250C/W and maximum channel temperature is 150C. When the case temperature is 85C, the maximum RF power that can be applied to a termination path is (150C-85C)/(250C/W)=0.26W=24dBm.

    If the RF power is applied to 2 or more paths, the maximum RF power that can be applied to one path is expected to be some lower than the values mentioned above since the paths may affect each other.

    3) We only provide  the Theta JC in AMR table since the Theta JA is much higher.


  • For your information, HMC244G16 is not recommended for new designs. A new pin-to-pin compatible replacement product (HMC244AG16) will be offered soon with a PCN.

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