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ADF4158 sweep and eval board


I have two questions about ADF4158 which I appreciate it if you may please help:


I am trying to use ADF4158 EVAL board to generate a sweep from 5-6 GHz. Unfortunately, the VCO from z-comm which is on the eval board works only for 5.7-5.9 GHz range. I was able to find another VCO from the same company to cover the range which I am interested.

But it requires the tuning voltage of 0 to 20 Volts. Since the ADF4158 's Vp (charge pump) can not be above 5.5v, is there anyway so I can still use this VCO with ADF4158? Any other solution or any component which I can use instead?

maybe a component which can convert the Vp (0-5V) to (0-20)?


In figure 48 of ADF4158 datasheet, it shows that one can generate a sweep and then use multiplier to have a higher frequency sweep.

I am wondering if you have any suggestion for such frequency multipliers (ex. x2 or x3)?

I really appreciate your help.



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