Hello, I received a message that the HMC540LP3E will be end of life, and the last time buy should be placed before 21 August 2015. The HMC540SLP3E should be the replacement, but information should only array in October. This is too late to assess the component for the all time buy.

Since only the letters change LP3E/SLP3E, can I assume that the differences will be minor?

Is any advance datasheet available?

Will the cost be approximately be equal to the HMC540LP3E, or lower?

(I need about 3500 of these devices)

  • Hi,

    The HMC540LP3E is reaching its end of life (Aug, 2015) due to foundry/process discontinuation and the recommended replacement part HMC540SLP3E produced in a different process/foundry will be available in Oct 2015. You should place order with the HMC540LP3E before its EOL to fulfill your requirements until the HMC540SLP3E is available.

    The replacement products are in the same package/pin outs and support the same (or better) operating conditions and electrical specifications as the discontinued products, targeted as a drop in replacement. You will be able to replace the HMC540LP3E with our new HMC540SLP3E without any change in your application design.


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