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Wide band mixer and 90deg phase shifter available?


Looking for:

a) A wide band mixer that has at least the following characteristics: 

  1. Input signal frequency range: DC-5.5 GHz
  2. LO: 80 MHz
  3. Output Frequency range: 200-5.5 GHz

  The mixer should support the input and output frequency ranges within the same HW (I assume that there might be some degradation in low frequencies


b)  90 degrees phase shift device with the following properties:

  1. Very small and low power
  2. Frequency range: DC-5.5 GHz (or as close to it as possible)

   This is for the image rejection mixer implementation.




  • Hello,

    Here are a few wide band mixers that can work with your application frequency range:

    ADL5355 – passive mixer. But please keep in mind,  this mixer require filters at the input / output ports

    ADL5801 / ADL5802 – Active mixer

    And maybe HMC557 / HMC557A



  • Hi FreddyS,

    b) Our phase shifter devices do not cover closetoDC-5.5 GHz. And they are also not intended for your purpose.

    What you need is a 90 degree coupler, but it may not be possible to find one with such multi-octave bandwidth.

    You can try to divide your whole band into sub bands, which will also introduce extra complexity.



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on Mar 11, 2015 3:23 PM


You may be able to use a demodulator/modulator combination. You can use the ADL5380 and the ADL5375 with two synthesizers like the ADF4351. The Input would connect to the ADL5380 using LO1 to mix the signal down to a complex IF around 100MHz or so depending on your bandwidth. You can then connect the baseband output of the ADL5380 to the baseband input to the ADL5375 and modulate up to your final frequency using a 2nd LO (LO2). Because the common mode voltage out of the ADL5380 is around 1.5V and the common mode input to the ADL5375 is 0.5V you can not connect them directly but need to use DC  blocking caps and provide a bias voltage to the ADL5375 input. You will also likely want to add baseband filtering to limit spurious outputs.

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