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I&Q precision as homodyne  down converter

The main  goal is to detect  microVolts signal disturbance , low frequency , 10Khz  using fiber-optics , by Homodyn  down-conversion .

The source is very accurate 2Ghz  from high Q OEO as very low noise & very  low phase noise reference freq. It splits to 2 loops : one loop -use as LO to   mixer and in the 2nd  loop disturb AM modulation . to the RF port Mixer .
We make Homodyn direct Down conversion  to detect the disturbance s\n signal ( about microvolts  5Khz-10Khz) .

The phase of the RF signal ( through the fiber) is not stable . Than we think about I&Q down-converter .
1-  We choose the ADL5365 as non independent LO-RF , high isolation   Mixer ..

2 - Is there Any I&Q mixer DownConvert  with specs like the ADL5365?

3--Do we need 90deg shift between LO and RF to get the max. amplitude of the detected signal using the ADL5365? ( the Spec indicates non Independence between LO- RF ) ?


Moshe Namer

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