Storage condition of HMC1086F10

Dir Sir,

Are there any storage condition about moisture for HMC1086F10?

I understand HMC1086F10 is Flamge Mount Package. So, MSL isn't defined about this products. But, quolity and reliability point of view, I would like to know the storage condition about moisture.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jun 12, 2015 4:22 PM

    Hello Akira,

    Moisture storage requirements are generally established for parts intended to undergo solder reflow processes that cause the package (and thus any moisture that has entered the package after removal from dry storage) to endure rapid heating such as that presented by the typical solder reflow processes. The problem caused by the rapid heating is the vaporization of the contained moisture without adequately fast relief of the associated internal vapor pressures. Those pressures can reach levels sufficient to damage the package, which is why pre-reflow bake-outs are recommended for certain types of packages once the parts have remained outside of a dry storage environment for a particular duration of time. The bake is effective because it allows for the slow dissipation and release of moisture from the package, without causing damage to the package, prior to the application of the solder reflow process.

    Because the HMC1086F10 (and our other parts in the F10 package) are not intended for use with solder reflow processes, the problem described above is not applicable and thus we issue no particular moisture storage guidelines or requirements.