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Equivalent Hours of HMC764LP6CE & HMC783LP6CE

Dir Sir,

I would like to know the equivalent hours of HMC764LP6CE & HMC783LP6CE. I cnn't find the information in the attached Reliability Report. How can I calculate that value?

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  • Hello Akira-san,

    The absence of test results for the HMC764LP6CE and HMC783LP6CE indicates that these devices were likely included in this report as products that were "qualified by similarity".  That means that they may not have actually been subjected to the qualification process but were included because the VCO's utilize the same process and operate at similar bias levels / junction temperatures as products that were actually tested. The VCO's contained in the HMC764LP6CE and HMC783LP6CE not only use the same technology as the HMC510 & HMC511 VCO's that were included in the report, they also have power dissipation and thermal resistance values that are very close specifically to the HMC511. Using the information for the HMC511 alone I derive a conservative estimate of MTTF of 1.78M hours at a 60% CL. I attached the package qualification for the LP6 package which may also be helpful. Hope this helps.

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