I am characterizing the HMC595E  and I am having trouble meeting some of the performance specifications shown in the data sheet for this part. I am not able to get a 50 ohm match on any of my RF pins. I am only getting about -10dB to -11dB of return loss at 2.3Ghz and about -12dB to -13dB at 2Ghz and require 5-10 B lower on these measurements. Do the control pins need any kind of bypass caps or

series inductors to obtain these performance specifications? The evaluation board drawings do not show any kind of components for these pins, Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Also I see that the device is on Last Time Buy, what is the recommended replacement?

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    It may be helpful to have a bit more information on measurement conditions and test setup.

    Do you evaluate the HMC595E on its eval board? If not, did you confirm by thru measurement or simulation that the transmission lines on your PCB have 50ohm characteristic impedance?

    Do you perform a standard s-parameter measurement with a network analyzer? What are the RF signal and control voltage levels?

    We use clean voltage sources applied to the device's control inputs so filtering components are not used on control input lines of the eval board. In case of noisy control input signals, L-C or R-C circuits may need to be added for high frequency filtering on these pins.


    The HMC595AE was already offered as FFF replacement for the HMC595E. Here is the link to product page.


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