I am wondering if is possible to run the HMC641ALP4E with a positive + 5 volt supply instead of the specified negative 5 volts. Is there any reason why the grounds couldn't be connected to a +5 volt supply and the control lines pulled between 0 and 5?  Would there be any performance issues and would DC blocking caps be required on the RF ports? Thanks.

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    The floating ground technique can be applied for the HMC641ALP4E so to use it with positive control logic. We have not verified the floating ground performances of the HMC641ALP4E but its operating frequency range will be reduced greatly with floating ground since the HMC641A die has internal via holes connected to backside metallization pad.

    What is targeted performance requirements for this switch application and project schedule so I can check if we have any positive controlled SP4T in catalog or under development that can meet your application requirements?


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    on Aug 2, 2018 3:07 PM
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