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HMC546LP2E Switching issue

Hi ,

We are using HMC546LP2E as a fail safe switch for L-Band  application.

Input to the Switch is to the pin RFC and the TX path is for the fail safe path and RX path is for the normal operation.

The issue is that the IC is not switching to RX path even following the recommended control voltage,always the path was set to        RFC-TX.



  • Hi,

    Can you share the measurement results that made you think RFC to RX path is not selected properly when both Vdd and Vctl are powered up as recommended in datasheet? Is it insertion loss measurement normal at TX mode but much higher than normal at RX mode?

    The component values cannot be read on the schematic you inserted herewith. What is the center frequency and bandwidth of your application? This part is a narrow band application and very sensitive to board design and tuning component values. I recommend you to check return loss performances along with insertion loss at both RX and TX modes. Also it would be wise to check Vdd and Vctl voltages right at the package pins.


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