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I''m finding that the Sparams for S1-1 return loss for the HMC415LP3 are much higher than expected for the  5 to - 6 GHz match called out. Are the Sparams files really for a 5 to 6 GHz match and how were they generated? Thanks.

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  • Hi Bill,

    Are you saying that you've taken new S11 measurements of an eval board and those measurements agree with neither the data sheet's Broadband Gain & Return Loss plot nor the website's posted s2p file?

    Alternatively, are you saying that the S11 responses shown on the data sheet and/or in the s2p file are worse than expected for a part that has matching components on its eval board?

    I've searched our data for the source file, but was not able to find it.

    From internal documents I see that the product validation was performed and the data sheet plots were created using measurements made on eval boards configured as shown on the data sheet (i.e., the same revision of PCB, the same "Recommended Component Values" shown on the data sheet, etc.).

    The data sheet's Broadband Gain & Return Loss plot shows responses very similar to those of the website's s2p file data (see plots below).

    From the info above, I conclude that the s2p file was generated by measuring an evaluation board configured as shown on the data sheet, with the RF reference plane being the eval board's coaxial SMA connectors.



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