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HMC812 Eval kit information


Please help to share the user guide or schematic information of the HMC812 Evaluation board.

part no. 123768-HMC812LC4 Evaluation Board - HMC812LC4 Evaluation PCB.

Also please help to share best suited DAC to interface with HMC812 for controlling attenuation.



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Hi Sai,

Attached is the PCB layout and gerber files for the HMC812LC4 Evaluation Board. This is a simple EVB circuit, we do not have the user guide or schematic diagram. The layout follows the same application circuit as shown in the HMC812LC4 datasheet.


Take a look at AD5429/AD5439/AD5449 DAC. With the reference circuit below copied from the datasheet, it would drive the HMC812LC4's two control input voltages ranging from -3V to 0V.



  • HI S.ilke,

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

    I was thinking of using AD5721/61 DAC Device. Whether that is suitable or not. Please confirm accordingly.



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