Gate current for HMC487 Amplifier


For the amplifier HMC487LP5, to reduce power consumption and continuous power dissipation, I'm planning to switching the Gate(Vgg) supply, between [Gate voltage at which Amplifier in OFF condition] and [amplifier operating voltage].

In datasheet, Gate bias voltage operating voltage and absolute max. rating both are mentioned as -2V to 0V

Kindly let me know the following,

  1. Gate voltage(Vgg) for amplifier OFF condition, even when drain voltage(+7V) is applied.
  2. What will be gate bias current for Amplifier OFF and Amplifier ON condition ?
  3. Does the operating voltage, (i.e) the voltage, Vgg, at which Idd=1300mA, vary device to device ? What will be the performance impact if, the Vgg of one amplifier is set for another amplifier. We are using two amplifiers, to get +36dBm output, can both amplifier set at same Vgg?


Kanchana R

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