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Need ADI alternative to mixer PE 4140-52

Hi !

We have a SDR design using the passive mixer PE 4140-52 and are looking for a better alternative from ADI, preferably with amplification. I have concerns about its bandwidth; it can supply the range (up to 6GHz) that we're looking for, but I'm worried about the frequency response of the passband out of that mixer.

Please advise ASAP !

Thanks !

  • The PE4140-52 is a mixer switching core.  Performance and applications are strongly dependent on external baluns.  The ADI offerings are more complete mixers (plus internal IF amplifiers).

    Can we get more technical details? On a high level we have many
    different options:

    1. If you are looking for direct replacement of PE 4140-52 in 1.7
      – 2.2GHz, please consider HMC685/687/785 and ADL5365/ADL5355
      1. All these parts provide better conversion loss, much wider IF,
        equivalent IP3 and better isolation in general.
    2. If you are looking for operation up to 6GHz (RF & LO) then ADL5801
      is the best option
      1. This part provides amplification (As desired)
      2. Wider RF and LO up to 6GHz
      3. Wide IF BW of up to 600MHz


    Mixer application engineers:



  • We used AD5801 for downconverting but we need a part that is capable of performing from somewhere near DC to 6GHz in an upconverter role. The passive, unbalanced layout of the PE4140 means that getting such wideband coverage would probably be unlikely but we are short on options. It appears from the AD5801 datasheet that the 10-600MHz side is designated as the output and the RF side from 10 to 6000MHz is the input.

    Is there another suitable part ? Or perhaps the AD5801 is a fit and I am missing something ?

    Thanks !

  • Hi, Thom,

        The ADL5801 mixer has a differential output resistance of 230 ohm, plus on-chip and package L-C parasitics.  External matching is required to operate output beyond 600 MHz. The output has been matched in the manner described on p. 32 of the datasheet to 4.8 GHz for an up-conversion application, but conversion loss, NF and distortion all suffer at this high frequency.

        You should be able to use a double balance passive mixer "backwards" -- i.e., use the "IF" port for your DC - 6 GHz input, and the "RF" port as the upconverted output to a higher frequency.  Unfortunately, the mixers we have in this frequency range are at their end-of-life in fab, so they are not recommended for new designs.


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