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ADL5610 and ADL5611 EVALZ

I´ve buy the EVALZ for the ADL%&10 and 5611 amplifiers, and I´ve made my own PCB for testing the same amplifiers. At the same time I have the ADL5545-EVALZ and my own PCB. In the last cases with the ADL5545 I obtain similar results with the EVALZ and my own PCB than in the datashet or Sparameter given by Analog Devices. In the first two cases with the ADL5610 or 5611 amplifiers I obtain 10 dB lower gain than expected, because the datashet predicts 20 dB of gain and the measurements of both PCB and EVALZ boards of both ADL5610 and ADL5611 amplifier shows near 10 dB of gain.

Do you know if there is a problem with these amplifiers?


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