HMC784MS8GE not recommended for new designs?

The product page for the HMC784MS8GE switch states that the part is not recommended for new designs.  According to Digikey and Mouser, these are new parts.  On your product page, you list a Product Change Notification that states the plating on the part has changed.  I hope your product page is wrong.  If it is not, then could you recommend a switch that has >27dBm for P1dB at 17.5MHz.

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    The HMC784MS8GE is not recommended for new designs because it will be discontinued. A PDN on EOL will be issued in June'2016 with LTB order dated Dec'2016.

    We will have a replacement for the HMC784MS8GE. The HMC784AMS8GE will be the FFF replacement, scheduled to be released in June'2016.

    If this is an existing application that uses HMC784MS8GE, you can look forward to replacing HMC784MS8GE with the HMC784AMS8GE when it becomes available. The replacement part will not require any change in your application design.

    If this is a new design, you can consider using HMC595A which is standard released product and recommended for new designs.


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    on Aug 2, 2018 3:14 PM
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