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HMC1020 - can it measure an LTE signal ?


I'm trying to measure/estimate a standard LTE signal with the following characteristics:


BW 10MHz

QPSK modulated

Very low number of active data channels

Since the HMC1020 transient responce can be configured via SCI1-4 pins  - I was wondering, maybe someone can recommend an optimal configuration of these pins SCI1-4?

Can it handle 10MHz signals at all ?


  • The carrier bandwidth of 10 MHz is not a problem. The settings on the four SC pins control a trade-off between pp output noise and settling time. Most of the datasheet plots use a setting of 0110. These plots use WiBro and WCDMA signal sources (the release of this device pre-dates LTE. I would say that the behavior of the 4-carrier WCDMA signal will be fairly similar to your 10 MHz LTE carrier (the main difference is that the LTE carrier is about half the bw of four WCDMA carriers).  Because your input signal is FDD, settling time may not be that important. So you could set the SC settings to the maximum allowable value of 1100. This will minimize output noise at the expense of response time.

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