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I have a few questions regarding the HMC772LC4:

1. Can I use electrically and thermallyconductive epoxy like Epotek H20E to mount the device to an LTCC module instead of soldering it?

2. Will the device work with a +3.3 V supply, and are there any issues with using the HMC772LC4 with Vdd = 3.3 V?

3. If I use multiple HMC772LC4 in a circuit, will I need to supply a separately adjustable Vgg gate bias voltages to each device?


  • 1. We have not tested this device with this configuration but I suspect this should be ok if the epoxy meets the thermal and electrical requirements.

    2. We have only tested operation down with Vdd=3.5V. At Vdd=3.5V, the device exhibits slightly degraded specs - some drop in IP3 and compression but works fine otherwise.

    3. You could use a single negative supply to provide gate bias to multiple HMC772LC4 devices on a circuit as long as the supply has adequate current headroom. In general, we recommend that gate control for each device be tuned to achieve the target drain for optimal performance.