EVAL-ADL5906 trouble with test

good day,

I have a eval-adl5906 board, I connect to the pos pin 5V (and GND pin) and connect  the antenna to rfin pin but when i measure in vout pin the voltage is:

1v in 1Ghz and 0.6 in 10Ghz; I have no voltage in the range of datasheet.

for test the board is necessary to setup additional parameters?

some one can help me?

  • To verify if the board is working correctly, you should apply a signal directly to the RF input using a signal generator and a cable. So a certain dBm level applied to the connector should give you a certain output voltage based on the datasheet plots.

    If you connect an antenna to the RF input port,  I assume that you are radiating a signal into the air from somewhere nearby. It's important to remember that the ADL5906 has a broadband input.  So any signal or noise that is picked up by the antenna up to frequencies of around 10 GHz will contribute to the output voltage. So the device is measuring total signal strength. If you were to put a narrowband filter between the antenna and the detector, then you could focus on a specific frequency range.