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Why am I unable to repeat the phase alignment between RFin and REFin using the ADF4106?

I an using "Analog Devices Int-N PLL Software" with the USB interface to control an ADF4106.  Is it possible to achieve the same phase relationship between the RFin and REFin signals for a given set of device settings after power-cycling the ADF4106 and VCO?

I have tried the "Initialization Latch Method" and the "Counter Reset Method" as described in the ADF4106 data sheet.  It seems that for frequency settings where RFin is not a multiple of REFin the resulting phase relationship is always different after power-up.  I was expecting that the internal reset pulse or the counter reset operation would ensure that a consistent phase relationship would result.  It does not.  In fact, any counter reset that is executed results in a different phase relationship for the cases where RFin is not a multiple of REFin.  Am I missing something?

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