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adrf6720 registers


using adrf6720 evaluation board, and GUI interface I'm able to program the ADRF6720. Just some issues: to onaly way toprogram it, I need to:

- provide correct power supply to the board (3.3 v) and supply LO

- launch the program with the GUI

- plug the usb

- import the registry file "Read to .txt file" (previously exported from a correctly running set-up using "Write to .txt file")

- press the button "DUT TO GUI"

- ...every time something goes wrong, and I need to change local oscillator freq. from 153 MHz to my value, and press enter

- now is ok.

If I just import a registry file, nothing works. the problem is that the same registry values exported from a running configuration and configured into adrf6720 direclty using and external microcontroller and SPI, provides a wrong frequency. SPI procedure/timing I suppose to be ok, while I use same microcontroller, same SPI setup (just changing registry values) to program ADRF6820 without any problem (they have a very very closer SPI setup and registry values). What can be the problem? The GUI does not export correctly registry file? I attach the file, I suppose to be ok (exported directly from GUI) for 20 MHZ PLL ref, and 2GHz Output PLL frequency

My GUI is version 0.0.3

thank you

best regards
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