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Please provide spice model of HMC408 and HMC415 amplifier.

I need to simulate in ADS.

  • We don't have spice models for any of the HMC408 and HMC415, however we do provide de-embedded s-parameters on the product page for the two devices, which are better suited to simulate this device in ADS. Please refer to the guidance provided to you on on this thread below:


  • using s parameter file i will match the INPUT and OUTPUT port at my frequency. but how to provide baising to the IC during simulation?

  • the s2p file is a "snapshot" of the amplifiers scattering parameters.

    you should assume the file represents the component operating at typical bias condition.

    the s2p file is very useful when looking at the small signal gain and the input/output impedance profile across a band of frequencies.

    there is no need to place a DC supply for bias when using the s2p file.

    refer to my earlier reply for simulation setup, there are really good templates available from the ADS pallet.

    Download the S-Parameter .zip file form the web page.



    place the .s2p file in your ADS project directory, data folder.

    place a 2 port data element on you schematic.

    link the 2 port element to the file you downloaded.

    add an S parameter template to your schematic.

    you will need to "match" the amp to your desired frequency band.

    run the sim and tune your circuit.