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HMC-C070 Microsynth

I am working with a HMC-C070 and I need to generate a frequency ramp.  I am able to frequency hop by commanding a desired frequency, but when I try to configure for a ramp it doesn't ramp.

I have set register 14h to 10d.  This should enable a 2-way ramp that is autotriggered.  I have tried the default and custom values in registers 15h, 16h, and 17h which control the size of the ramp.  I also has GPIO2 configured to monitor the ramp busy signal. What am I missing from the setup of frequency sweep control on the HMC-C070?



  • Hi Bruce,

    thanks for talking about this with me through email.

    I realize you were able to get a bi-directional ramp output from the MicroSynth.

    you took the default code from the HMC701 and used that as a starting point for programming the HMC-C070.

    the HMC701 is indeed a subsystem within the HMC-C070.

    I'm glad you were able to get the proper output from the MicroSynth.

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