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Analog PLL for fixed frequency PLO


I would like to implement an analog PLL for a fixed frequency phase-locked oscillator. RF/LO frequencies could be as low as 1 MHz or even on the hundred KHz range. Can anyone suggest a suitable doubly-balanced mixer?

I found AD831 and AD8343 as potential candidates. Do you confirm this choice or there are other more suitable products?

Info on frequency dividers with parallel data bus control (not SPI controlled) would be much appreciated.



  • Hi, Jose,

        Both the AD831 and AD8343 will work to low kHz near DC, but the AD8342 will do the same for a single 5V supply and provide simpler interface at all three (RF, LO & IF) ports.

       We offer full PLL chips with programmable dividers and phase detectors integrated together (cf. the integer synthesizers ADF4001 and ADF4110, among others).  We have some flip-flop frequency dividers, but they're designed for GHz frequency range.  I don't think we offer anything specifically for the sub-1MHz range.


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