HMC-T2220B outdoor application

Dear sirs,

Our customer would like to use HMC-T2220B for outdoor applications. The environment conditions are: -15...+35 degrees (C), hummidity up to 90%.

Operating temperature shown in DataSheet is: 0 to 35 °C. How does the customer can implement this generator if it is possible? Will it be enough to use a termocase?

The customer is also would like to have the Ingress Protection Rating of generator. I can't find this data. The customer needs at least IP54. I've seen this generator and seems like it is not a dust protected device. Do ADI has some kind of protection case for using this product in real outdoor applications?

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Sergey Pavlov

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Mar 4, 2016 11:04 PM

    Hello Sergey,

    I hate to rain on your parade (joke... but not a very funny joke) The HMC-T2220B is really a low cost well performing Signal Generator that can be used in the field, running on battery power. It competes with some of the high-end, high price signal generators available for the bench top.

    You are correct to assume there is no moisture ingress seal or dust seal.

    I looked around and I can not even find a weather proof signal generator to compare this with.

    I apologize if the term "field" or "portable" was understood to be outdoor operation.

    Think of this as a portable, battery operated version of the HMC-T2220.

    additionally, I am not familiar with the thermocase.

  • Hi Jarrett,

    I expect this selling these generators more than 5 years. Just wanted to be sure.

    Thanls for reply!

    Best Regards,

    Sergey Pavlov