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Stability problems with DRO HMC-C200


We have been testing two different variants of this product:

HMC-C200-8300: 8.3 GHz DRO (x4)

HMC-C200-8100: 8.1 GHz DRO (x1)

All five units tested displayed an extreme sensitivity to being touched, or the slightest vibration, or even air being blown lightly across it. Under these conditions the frequency would visibly shift on the spectrum analyser, or the phase noise would rise on the phase noise meter. It is not a subtle problem at all, and it would be hard to miss for anybody testing these units. In fact, we can't imagine how this unit could have been tested at Analog Devices without noticing these problems!

We suspect that the grounding on the DC GND pin as well as on the field-replaceable RF connector is not sufficient, contributing to the effects that we are seeing. It even seems as if the connector used may not be a perfect match for the mating pin.

We are concerned about finding a solution to this problem as quickly as possible, as it affects the schedule for two of our projects. We have made contact with one of your application support engineers, who referred us here for finding the quickest solution. I have attached a pdf with all the details of our measurements and observations.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. We would be happy to apply a fix in-house to solve the problems on these 5 units, so that we can use them in our products.

  • Martinette,

    thank you for such a detailed report. I can appreciate you attention to detail.

    The HMC-C200 DRO's are being shipped daily and are used in many systems and platforms.

    These components should not be sensitive to air blowing across them.

    If you suspect these units to be faulty, please initiate an RMA so we can repair or replace them.

    Note:All units are tested before shipping.

    I appreciate your suggestion concerning the DC ground and the RF connector. Please note: the connector is NOT field replaceable, if you notice an issue, please initiate the RMA so we can repair it for you. Please do not tighten the screws.

    I understand that you have a schedule for your project, please start the process of the return today to minimize the delay. work with you local rep Neha to get the process going.

    we'll get you up and running soon Martinette.

  • Hi Jarrett


    I was hoping for more advice from your answer, but we are now in contact with Neha again to try and resolve the issue.


    If the connectors are not field replaceable anymore, please remove that information from the datasheet.




  • Ah-Ha.

    i do see the note on the drawing about the connector.

    please continue the return process.

    I'm not sure what advise you were hoping for. we do not see these issues at the factory. all of the data that you collected points to a faulty component. I have one of these components in my lab and I cannot repeat your observations.

    the best and fastest way to get your issue corrected is to get you new components or repair the ones you have.

    We here at ADI will work with you for a speedy resolution to your problems.

  • Hi Martinette,

    We are currently working with Quality Team to process your request further. Kindly send me the FA forms and more information on the purchase orders from your suppliers at the earliest to reduce your TTM. Let's take the discussion from her on personal email.

    Thanks for understanding.


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