ADL5202 abnormal peak at output



When changing the amplitude
of input signal to certain value from zero, abnormal peak of a few period is observed at the beginning of output amplitude changing to certain value from zero.


Gain is set by Parallel I/F transparent mode.

Gain is fixed to max.

Input signal is 128MHz sine wave.

Output level is 0dBm in 150 ohm.

Measured by FET probe contacting at 150 ohm termination (>>See the attachment please).

Application circuit:

Similar to Figure 55. Wideband ADC Interfacing Example Featuring One-Half of the ADL5202 and the AD9268 which is described in datasheet.


1. Could you please tell me the ways to solve this issue?

2. Could you please provide the transmission function of the internal ac-coupled feedback path? The feedback path is described in p.18 of datasheet. Would like to examine if excess compensation causes this issue.


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