ADF4360-7 vtune


I am currently using the ADF4360-7 as a programable signal source.

Is it possible to use the ADF4360-7 first to specify the frequency range by programming the device and afterwards as a VCO in a feed back loop externally modifying vtune?

Is this a normal operation mode?

How can the external control voltage be connected to vtune (pin 7).

In the current design vtune is connected to CP by a third order filter calculated by the software.

Do you perhaps have a application example for using the ADF4360 as a Integrated synthesizer and at the same time as a VCO?

Since I am new in this field the answer might by very simple.

Thanks a lot for your Help


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 6, 2016 5:36 PM

    If you modulate the voltage level on the ADF4360-7 VTUNE pin, the change in voltage level will be reflected at the VCO output. However, this is not normal operation and you run the risk of pushing the VCO into its rails. Take a look at Figure 20 in the ADF4360-7 datasheet. It shows the multi-band VCO of the ADF4360-7. If you hit the band limit, the output will go unstable.

    The VCO band limits vary from part-to-part, over temperature, and over supply variation.