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HMC721LP3E for single-ended XOR operation

Dear Sir! I am a MS student and want to use HMC721LP3E (14 Gbps, XOR / XNOR gate). I just want to use this high speed gate for a low-delay XOR operation. I can also use any other gate from HMC7XX or HMC8XX family. In my application, both input data sources, A and B, are single-ended within 1-10 kbps range. Though some basic questions, but i need your kind guidance for:

1) For single ended operation, should i connect differential inputs (AN, BN) and output (DN) to GND, or leave it floating?

2)  My data rate is too low (the max range of both A and B inputs can be 10 kbps). Do i need to change power supply capacitors in the Evaluation Board, or they would be fine?

Kind Regards,

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