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COnfusion about LE pins of HMC675LC3C


   I need help regarding HMC675LC3C. I have a confusion.


I need to give clock at 8.9 GHz at LE pin.In latch enable characteristics, Latch Enable Input Range is from 1.6V to 2.4V. What does this mean? Is this Voh value ? i.e if voltage is between 1.6 to 2.4V, chip will be in track mode, if less than 1.6V, chip is in latch mode?


Or does it mean that 1.6 to 2.4V is the peak to peak value of LE signal?



Also, if I am using Vee = -3V,    Vcco = 0, Vcci = 3.3V, AC coupled LE input terminated at 50 ohms with ground,  I need to specify what will be requirements for clock (LE) signal. Can you please tell me its peak to peak value and common mode voltage? do i need to give

some constant at LE bar? If yes then how much?