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how can ı find noise figure parameters of HMC667 for simulation

please help

  • Hi fuat,

    For the HMC667LP2 / HMC667LP2E we have noise figure data taken in a 50 ohm environment.

    That noise figure data appears in a plot format on the data sheet.

    We do not have noise parameter data.

    If you would like the data sheet's noise figure data presented in a data file format, please let me know and I'll try to locate it for you.



  • Hi SMcBride

    I want to find transsitor for given specification and simulate this transistor using AWR. In addition to noise figure simulation very important to me. Can you suggest any transistor ?

    Frequency Range

    2400MHz - 2500 MHz


    ≤2 dB


    ≥15 dB

    Input Impedance

    50 Ω

    Output Impedance

    50 Ω

    Input Return Loss

    ≤-15 dB

    Output Return Loss

    ≤-15 dB

    Reverse Isolation

    ≤-20 dB